couldntcarewes asked: Y'all should make a hoodie


nah but really that’s been in the works for a while, it was too late in the winter when we decided to try last time though. it’s getting colder now though….

My Fictions

—Airport Song


My Fictions - Airport Song

I’m not wrong for wanting to feel close or feel nothing, but it’s not easy to admit that you’re not a good man.

diiiiiamondeyes asked: Been hooked on your newest record. We bump your shit all the time at work haha.

your work place is cool as fuck probably, ty


You asked me once where the fuck I was going – a paraphrase – but I remember my reply because I was silent. I stood past you, fixed on the floor, I couldn’t watch you cry. Because I could never stay in this place, I’m too attached to leaving someday and looking back just to remember what it’s like to have something.

My Fictions

—Airport Song


And I get nervous when I think about permanence, then I remember that departures have to land again.


7/31 with Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, Raindance, Draize, Caught in a Crowd, Streetsweeper, I Am Become Death and Kimachi.